Friday, April 5, 2013

Tigers Find Their Power, Blast Yankees

First off, let me congratulate the Tigers fans at the ballpark today. From what I could tell on TV, everyone was very appropriate and cheered on every member of the Tigers. You guys were a class act. Good job.

The game itself didn't start off very impressively. Doug Fister willed himself through five innings, but he didn't have the pinpoint command that he normally features. Two walks, two hit batters, and a wild pitch are uncharacteristic for him. He wasn't able to give the Tigers their first six-inning start, but I daresay it was better for him than his first start last year. At least he came out of this one healthy. Once he was done, Drew Smyly had about as good of a bounceback from his last outing as you could get: Four perfect innings and a save.

The offense began the game performing pretty much the same way that the games in Minnesota did. They were able to get themselves in hitter's counts against Ivan Nova, but they couldn't really do anything with them. Then the Yankees went to their bullpen and Prince Fielder blasted off. He would do so again in his next at-bat for good measure, finishing the day with 5 RBIs. Alex Avila also hit his first home run of the season. Meanwhile, Omar Infante didn't hit a home run, but he's off to a really good start, hitting .429 in the first four games.

Tomorrow the Tigers are on big Fox. Max Scherzer makes his season debut against David Phelps.

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